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I know¬† when tom comes….

thats when i start being a MAJOR bitch to my coworkers. and there bs gets to me.

— 2 days ago
Eagle eye

Some search and search to find the RIGHT one. To have the life just like we’ve seen in the box that’s in everyone’s home. We’ve grown up to have our life based on movies and/or fictional books.

Some people just don’t give a fuck. They go where ever the life blows them. HA the irony.

(I wonder which category I am more suited for? ) I think the first one.
I’m not sure where I’m going with this, it’s just a short thought I had before writing about it.

Some are at a vulnerable state. Wanting to be loved. Which stops them from moving forward. How is this inevitable? Vulnerability= dependent and desperate.

You may not agree with this, and that’s fine. Because I really don’t care about your opinion. Why? Because this is my blog Nd I can say whatever the Fucks I want. And it doesn’t even have to be true I can say shit like, all girls are smart and trustworthy. Doesn’t mean that it’s true because I wrote it right?
Point made. No? Well fuck then.

Good night

— 6 days ago
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— 2 weeks ago with 1 note
A . D

Sometimes what people say about me are right.

Now that I think about it I think I do have a bit of the devil side of me..

It’s ironic. Because my name is Angel.

I remember when my mom bought me those shirts that say..

95% Angel , 5% Devil

These shirts were made for me. Now its more like

70% Devil, 30% Angel.


— 2 weeks ago

Im so hungry…but trying to keep skinny…


— 2 weeks ago

look how time flies.

— 3 weeks ago with 1 note
"Are you trying out for the world cup? Because your mouth be running all day."
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— 1 month ago

Im not really have a great day today.

I’ve been having nightmares of you, these past few days.

I wake up feeling so shitty, and heart broken.

— 1 month ago

What am I getting myself into….

Feeling so vulnerable T0T

— 1 month ago

To Do:

+Grocery shopping @ trader joes
+Home Decor @ Ikea
+Movies @ Home
+New Hobby
+New music


— 1 month ago