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What’s life ?

— 3 days ago with 2 notes
Pre v I ous

Drunk words, speak sober thoughts

— 1 week ago
I can’t sleep

I got a job
A job that is stable
That can give me financial security
I have a best friend
I have a car
A phone

Side job: vip club promoter

I get good money, honestly

Both my full time and side job gives me a passing moment of seeing cute guys, different guys , sweet guys
As I get older, they don’t mean much to ne. The slightest flaw turns me off and I move on with my life. But they are just there…. stuck in infatuation which I do not consider
I consider myself always there first option . Just a thought I’ve been gathering up these past few days

I see guys like rocks . They’re just there

— 1 week ago

The choices I’ve been making these past couple weeks is going to change my life.
Currently which both are just standing, and in a few months, I would have to make a decision….A decision I can’t go back on. A choice I have to make.
How do I know if it’s the right choice ??

— 3 weeks ago
"Simple things"
— 3 weeks ago

Take me somewhere far away …

— 1 month ago

Don’t make the same mistake twice

Trust those who trust you

Listen to your elders

— 1 month ago

Take me somewhere far away …

— 1 month ago

If its truly yours

It will come back to you

— 1 month ago

I’m too old for small talks

— 1 month ago